Sunday, April 25, 2010

"B" is for Birds, Buds and Blue Skies

"B" is for Birds, Buds and Blue Skies.

Blue Skies and Buds by Lesley Blayney

One of my favourite things about Spring is the return of the song birds. I love waking up to hear the first bird start singing, usually before the sun comes up. A single voice at first - then others joining in the chorus.

Such a peaceful and hopeful beginning to the day.

Close your eyes and listen.

Amongst the new arrivals are red winged blackbirds, northern flickers, juncos, starlings, yellow and purple finch and of coarse the robins.

 Last Spring we had the joy of watching a couple of Robins nest and then raise their young right outside our living room window.  It was such a delight to watch them grow from such tiny fragile chicks into  chubby active youngsters who barely fit in their nest. What an experience to see them finally make the leap from the branch to the ground and then wait and watch and wait for them to finally learn to take flight. Amazing! This year they have returned to the same nest - lucky us!

"B" is for Beautiful


  1. Thank you for featuring my work! It was such a nice surprise and I appreciate it so much.

    Sending you the best wishes for a good summer!

  2. Thank you so much for including me! What a lovely collection.

    Happy birding!

  3. Great to see other artists'work featuring bids!!
    Thanks for picking my starling pillow case to be part of this gallery!!